Callahan's Key
Cover of Callahan's Key
Author Spider Robinson
Published 2000
Preceeded By Callahan's Legacy
Followed By Callahan's Con

Callahan's Key is the sixth book in the Callahan's series. It takes place at Mary's Place, the road to Key West, and The Place.


Cold RebootEdit

Going SouthEdit

Railroading TimeEdit

Bus BarEdit

Drunkard's DriveEdit

Capital OffenseEdit

The Cat Who Walks Through WindshieldsEdit

Static Test Site RoadEdit

Bus Turd FlushEdit

The Goldbrick RoadEdit

The Hip SquareEdit

The PlaceEdit

Because It's TimeEdit

On the CaseEdit

The Devil's LuckEdit

I Have a PlanEdit

Big BirdEdit


Great Balls of FireEdit


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