Callahan's Secret
Cover of Callahan's Secret
Author Spider Robinson
Published 1986
Preceeded By Time Travelers Strictly Cash
Followed By The Callahan Touch

Callahan's Secret in is the third book in the Callahan's series. It takes place at Callahan's Place.

Stories Edit

The Blacksmith's Tale Edit

The story of the staircase and introduction of Mary Callahan to Callahan's and Jake

Pyotr's Story Edit

The death (and resurrection) of Jake's guitar Lady Macbeth and the revelation of Pyotr's true nature.

Involuntary Man's Laughter Edit

A story about the Cheerful Charlies attempt to help Billy Walker.

The Mick of Time Edit

Mickey Finn's former master, The Beast, comes to Earth. The destruction of Callahan's Place and the revelation of the true nature and name of Mike Callahan.

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